Friday, August 12, 2011

Make-up remover gel mousse

ANESI Beaute Aqua Vital Mousse Radiance, R320

Make-up remover gel for all skin types. Provides the skin with a deep hygiene, luminosity, purity and a pleasant fresh sensation.

Cleansing gel that forms a light and soft mousse when in contact with water for a deep skin cleansing.


1. Cleans the skin eliminating impurities.

2. Provides freshness and luminosity to the skin

3. Effective ingredients which add moisture and oxygenate the skin.


Oxilastil: A soy derivative that stimulates cellular respiration. It enhances oxygen absorption by the mitochondria producing more energetic material, essential for cellular activity.

Lactic Acid: Has a high renewal and moisturizing power and is a basic component for moisturization.. Its exfoliating power evens the skin’s tone and texture, keeping it free from impurities and facilitating comedone extraction.

Glycerine: Moisturizing agent boosts the water retention capacity in the epidermis. It enhances the penetration of other actives.

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