Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keep an eye on your blood sugar level

Blood sugar imbalance is a condition in which your body does not handle glucose effectively. Throughout the day blood glucose levels may fluctuate outside of the bodies desired blood glucose range. Swinging from being very high after a meal, stimulant or stress, to being very low, say if you skipped breakfast. Insulin is a hormone responsible for keeping the blood sugar levels between the normal desired range. Insulin works by opening channels on cell membranes allowing glucose to travel from the blood into body cells. During times of blood sugar imbalance insulin is a little out of control.

Symptoms you may experience include:
Need more than 8 hours sleep
Feeling thirsty
Need coffee or tea to get you going
Frequent urination going in the morning and then
Heavy sweating regularly during the day
Mood swings
Cravings for sweet foods
Energy dips

One important factor in getting blood sugar back in balance is to eat a diet based of foods which give a controlled release of sugar into the body. The speed and extent of which food increases blood sugar can be quantified using the Glycaemic Index Scale. Here the speed and extent of a food’s sugar release into the bloodstream is compared with glucose which is given a value of 100.

*Blood sugar imbalance can be a precursor to diabetes mellitus and it is therefore important to address the contributory factors before the condition develops further.

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