Friday, February 4, 2011

Zinc - Could it be the most important mineral?

Zinc, Boring?
Oh no! It could be the single most important mineral for life.

Especially for men. Men and women have just about the same amount of zinc in all tissues of their bodies, with one exception. The male prostate gland contains and uses more zinc than any other tissue – 4 to 80 times more, depending on what tissue it might be compared against.
The main transporter of zinc into prostate tissue is the amino acid arginine, nutrient also found concentrated in the prostate gland. Binding zinc to arginine helps direct it to the tissue that has the highest requirement for the mineral. Without adequate zinc, sperm production decreases, and the general health of the prostate falters. In addition: 

  •  Zinc is required for production of hormones needed for normal growth, development, maturation, reproduction and tissue integrity. You can’t make new cells without it.
  •  Zinc stabilizes cell membranes, protecting them against oxidation. In that role, it is an anti-aging nutrient.
  •  Zinc potentiates the action of insulin, helping move sugar into cells. (So do chromium, vanadium, and manganese.)
  •  Zinc has been identified in several hundred enzymes and proteins. Zinc, as part of these enzymes, is critical to the metabolism of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, mucopolysaccharides and carbohydrates.
So, without adequate zinc, critical enzyme systems begin to break down. Sense of taste becomes less acute (an early warning of deficiency) or disappears, damaged tissue heals more slowly or not at all, digestion falters, growth and development slow, and aging accelerates.
The USDA has been measuring the dietary intake of a number of important nutrients for several decades. Current estimates place more than one-third of the U.S. population at risk for zinc deficiency. If a supplement is needed for mature men, we recommend zinc arginate, a supplement that supplies two nutrients found abundantly in prostate tissue, zinc and arginine. To that compound, we add phytosterols, fatty alcohols from plants (extracted from soy oil in this case) known to support healthy prostate function. A Man’s Zinc is the zinc for the man of the house.

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