Friday, February 4, 2011

Winter Hair Woes – Dryness, Frizz and Static

Winter’s dry air definitely adds to the drama of hair stress, robbing hair of a healthy balance of moisture which in turn creates frizz, static and flyaways. Here are some tips from our Celebrity Stylist team to sail through winter with fabulously healthy hair.

1. Moisture, Moisture, Moisture!

When rinsing out your conditioner, leave a little bit in to add moisture. Then, use a moisture rich styler like Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream for all-day hydration. Even though it is a curl product, it also works wonderfully on straight hair to quench dehydrated tendrils and smooth frizz.

2. Don’t Over Wash

Try not to wash your hair every day. Over washing can strip your hair of moisture and colour.

3. Take Care with your Hat

Your winter hat might absorb some of your hair’s much needed moisture. If wearing a hat try to compensate for moisture loss with a light moisturizer like Moisture Gloss Daily Drops..

4. Camouflage with Colour

If you dye your hair, using darker, richer shades in the winter can help to camouflage dryness. Light bounces off of dark hair wonderfully, giving it the appearance of shine and health. Try taking your blonde or brunette a bit darker than you would in the summer.

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