Thursday, February 10, 2011


The next big thing in nails is Cracked Nail Polish. No, not chipped and certainly
not un-kept, but artfully Cracked Nail Colours. We know all the beauty rules, but rules
were made to be broken – or cracked, if you will. Simply apply Tip Top NailChic
‘U Crack Me Up’ and watch it as it dries. When this Cracked Nail Polish dries, it
has a fractured effect to it that allows the undercoat to peek through. Tip Top
NailChic ‘U Crack Me Up’ nail polish looks like an ordinary polish. But when you
apply it over the top of any of your favourite nail varnish, it starts to visibly shrink on
your nail so you get a crackle effect. On top of white polish, you can create a
zebra-print style pattern; on top of yellow, you get leopard print – perfectly on-trend
for autumn/winter. Play around on top of darker colours and you can create a cool
Gothic effect. You can even layer it over glitters for a more creative touch. It’s so
different and unique that people will think you sat at the salon for hours to get that design!

In 2011, clients will be intrigued to see their polish break apart before their very eyes. As a continuation to the trends in textured polish over the past few seasons - matte, plastic dramatic shine, suede, among others - crackle polish takes texture to a new level with eye-catching fault-line styled breaks that will make passers-by ask, "Who did your nails?"
 Crackle polish is a hot trend for 2011. The innovative technology creates a deconstructed crackle design over your favorite shimmer, glitter or crème nail lacquer. The look is edgy, creative, and makes a bold statement. It's individual and instant nail art. Depending on how hard you press on it, and how much you pick up on your brush, each nail will be a little different."
To use a crackle polish, simply apply base coat, then any polish colour (in any texture from cream to glitter) and let it dry. Then, apply crackle polish and watch it crack. Seal with a Flo top coat as usual. Depending on what polish colour and texture you choose to use under the crackle you can create looks from sophisticated to punk. Below see Tip Top NailChic ‘U Crack Me Up’ over glitter and metallic nail varnish.

Getting this effect is really easy. First, you apply a Tip Top base coat, and then apply any Tip Top NailChic nail polish you want and wait about 5 minutes or so until it is completely dry. This is very important. When the polish is completely dry apply a generous coat of the Tip Top NailChic ‘U Crack me Up’ on the painted nails and instantly you will see the colour shrink and form lots of little graffiti/crackles. The Tip Top NailChic ‘U Crack Me Up’ polishes, which dry very fast, have a matte finish which looks very pretty. Tip Top actually recommends you apply a coat of their Top Flo top coat because the crackles near the tips of the nails start to fade after a couple of days without this top coat.

Keep a look out for the Tip Top NailChic ‘U Crack Me Up’ Crackle Nail
Polish which will be on the Clicks shelves shortly.
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