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Top 10 Red Carpet Hair Trends by Marc Anthony Celebrity Hair Stylist

Toronto – February 27, 2011 – A wave of high sophistication yet delicate charm flooded the Red Carpet at this evening’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards; it takes us back to the time of the ‘movie star’, when picture perfect glam was status quo.

It was a melting pot of decades - from soft 40s waves to sexy 60s bombshell - and every strand played its role to perfection. Tonight’s Oscar style had that gratifying feeling of “yes I worked hard to look this good and proud of it”.

1.Cate Blanchett

Cate’s cut was simply amazing. We love that she just got a perfect blowout and left it at that. Her side part looked flirty and the body in the blowout let it move with her. This was definitely a modern bob.

2.Anne Hathaway

Anne wore an amazing red dress on the Red Carpet. This was a great colour for her and so were her lovely highlights. The bits that were left out at the front gave it a young look but the overall feel was very grown up. The clean simple low bun wrapped and tucked into a half circle had a very 40s feeling to it.

3.Reese Witherspoon

Her high ponytail was very Bridget Bardot in feeling – it was so polished and elegant. This look works well when you Velcro roller the hair before hand for a fuller finish. Hair is wrapped around
the elastic and the pony is left to fall naturally.

4.Sandra Bullock

Her messy bun worked because it was not tight or overly contrived. She has left her hair natural with that great wave and then pulled it up for a very modern finish. We’re glad that she pushed that heavy fringe off of her face.

5.Scarlett Johansson

Her short, blunt cut really worked for the Red Carpet. She may get a bit of flack for the casualness of her hair but with her classic look she could have easily looked overdone. This was a nice balance. The simple blowout and lightly curled finish looked modern and fresh, which is something she does not always get right. This time she did.
6.Hailee Steinfeld

Perfectly grown up her look was just right for her age. The modern twists in this could have been a tad too mature but were made soft by their execution. Two bits twisted together and wrapped over and under worked well and the hair band kept it young in feeling.

 7.Celine Dion

Celine arrived with shine, body and a very cool mix of Veronica Lake and Victoria’s Secret. Hair loosely wrapped around a large barrel curling iron has never looked so good – You go Miss `Canadienne`.

8.Mila Kunis

We loved Mila Kunis’ Red Carpet hair. A few finger waves as a nod to the 30s with a semi messy bun loosely pinned in the back to make it modern.

9.Michelle Williams

We love that her hair is a bit longer now. If you wear you hair short making it too fussy can make you look older. Michelle kept it simple which is the best way to wear shorter hair and her side swept fringe really worked.

10.Penelope Cruz

Perfectly smooth, sexy, modern hair. She bounced back after having a baby and kept her look classically simple. This woman is so stunning that simple works amazingly well on her.


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