Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Introducing Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons by Soylites

Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons are far from conventional. They are happy crayons.

Hand-made in South Africa (a South African first!) with a 100% vegetable base and beautifully coloured with certified food grade and cosmetic grade pigments, Rainbow Rocks are completely non-toxic and safe against your children’s skin.
The environment is also happy about this because Rainbow Rocks are completely biodegradable. With the unique addition of calmative, pure lavender essential oils, Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons enhance the senses and calms the mind. Lavender is known to have a calmative effect on children and adults alike. The scent of lavender literally fills the page or surface you are drawing on when using the crayons.
Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons are softer in texture than conventional crayons and glide smoothly and easily over a paper or card surface, resulting in a pastel feel.
Their round flower-like shape allows for more variation in drawing strokes and may help to enhance fine motor skills in smaller kids. Rainbow Rocks are also durable - dropping one will only dent the crayon and not break it. Most commercial crayons are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum based wax that is not easily biodegradable, potentially toxic, and others may have questionable ingredients. In the past there have been recalls and warnings for lead, asbestos, and most recently, mercury in conventional crayons. Rainbow Rocks avoids all these risks.
Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons are:
        100% vegetable base
        Food grade pigments
        Available in 9 rich, bold colours
        Scented with a low dilution of pure lavender essential oil for calmative inducing benefits.
        Long lasting - Strong, durable and do not break

        Easy grip for small hands – helps to enhance fine motor skills
        Draws thin lines, thick strokes and double lines
        Softer than traditional crayons with an oil pastel feel
        Completely biodegradable
        Handmade with love in South Africa
Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons prices
RRP= R98.00
Stockist details: www.soylites.co.za
Contact: 0766321973
Facebook: SoyLites

Disclaimer: Rainbow Rocks Happy Crayons are theoretically edible should your child happen to nibble on them (as kids sometimes do!). However, like all crayons, they could be a choking hazard and we strongly advise against this.

Rainbow Rocks are handmade in South Africa by SoyLites TM

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