Friday, August 1, 2014


U-Laces recently landed in South Africa and are exactly what you have been looking for to kit out your sneakers. These are laces with no limits, with over 9 Trillion colour & pattern combinations!

The coolest thing in the USA at the moment, U-Laces are stretchy modular laces which span a single set of eyelets. One has the possibility to combine as many colours as they only have sets of eyelets, be it school colours, team colours, country colours, you name it! Not only does this allow for multi-colour designs, it also means that creating cool patterns and designs is quick and easy.

It is this patented “modular” design that allows you to create limitless ways to customize and configure the look of your sneakers.

U-Laces also turn sneakers into slip-ons – due to their stretchy nature, so no more laces to tie.

That is why skaters swear by U-Laces (skate more, re-tie less), they are loved by children (parents, no more pesky laces!) and a good choice for disabled people (saves them lots of frustration).

Another benefit is that one can fine tune the fit with patterns - from very snug to loose fitting, one can make the shoe fit the way they want.

U-Laces truly feel and look like laces, but give you that cool, fashionable & unique look you’ve been aiming for!

Price: R49.90/pack of 6 modular laces, 20 colours available in South Africa! (Each pack includes a Lacing Pattern Guide and a sticker. It takes 2 packs to lace a pair of sneakers.)

Stockist information:
U-Lace South Africa, official Distributor of U-Lace in South Africa
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