Thursday, August 7, 2014

MAM Breast Feeding

MAM supports mums while they are breastfeeding and ensures that babies get a perfect start in life.
MAM’s breastfeeding products are noted for their supreme quality, technical innovation and unique design. They help mothers to stay flexible and support an independent, modern lifestyle.

MAM Manual Breast Pump

Price: R399.00
The Manual Breast Pump from MAM has been developed with real attention to detail and it can be adapted to meet individual needs. There are three reasons why expressing milk with the Manual Breast Pump is very pleasant and simple
The suction controller allows the suction strength to be adjusted easily to your individual preference. When it's turned all the way to the right, the vacuum is held for up to three seconds. In this position, lots of milk can be expressed quickly and easily
The adjustable funnel with soft breast pads
The funnel is angled slightly and can be turned all the way round. This allows you to set the position that you find most comfortable. Soft breast pads in the funnel provide a secure fit and a pleasant sensation on the skin

The Manual Breast Pump consists of just four parts. It's therefore very quick and easy to assemble and clean.

MAM Storage Solution

Price: R99.99
Breast milk is precious and this is why it is so important to store it safely and correctly. Thanks to this storage solution, it is very easy to build up reserves of breast milk.
This MAM Storage Solution is ideal for storage in a refrigerator and chest-type freezer.

It can be cleaned and sterilised as often as you want. Thanks to the washable labelling panel, the contents can always be provided with the latest date.

About MAM
Each MAM product is designed and developed together with designers, medical experts, scientists, engineers and parents.

MAM develops innovative products that are unique in function and design, and are greatly valued all over the world for its work on child safety.

Child safety is a major concern for MAM and MAM experts are involved in contributing to constantly improving international baby product quality assurance.

MAM innovations are developed to simplify life for parents while supporting the individual development of each child to make everyday baby life healthier and safer.

MAM inventions (21 technical innovations) are protected by 61 patents and 8 utility patents. The appearance and design of our products (55 design innovations) is protected by over 273 design patents.

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