Saturday, November 13, 2010

Colouring Tips from Herbatint

After applying Herbatint hair colour, remember to always use the Intensive Aloe Vera Royal Cream Conditioning Treatment (sachet included in box) to lock in colour and close the hair cuticle. Using Aloe Vera Normalizing Shampoo and Aloe Vera Royal Cream in between dyes revitalizes colour and keeps hair in beautiful condition.

If you're using Herbatint to cover grey, make sure to always use a shade from the Natural range. You can still choose a colour from  one of the fashion shades - Mahogany, Copper, Ash & Copper, but make sure to mix the fashion shade eg: 4M with a natural colour eg: 4N.

Inbetween permanent colourings, use a Vegetal semi-permanent colour to maintain & boost colour.

If just your roots have grown out, can consider touching them up rather than dyeing your whole head of hair. Herbatint has a screwable lid so you can save what you don't use for other applications or the occasional touching up of roots

To tone your scalp, invigorate hair at the roots and nourish your hair., try the Intensive Aloe Vera Solution.

Make sure to trim your hair regularly!

Remember: all the colours are mixable so you can have fun finding the exact colour you're after.

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