Tuesday, November 16, 2010


LCN ognx stands for the use of ancient ingredients in modern care products. The undiluted power of nature without the use of chemical substances characterises the high quality of ognx products. The certified care products exclusively use natural ingredients. They do not contain any mineral oils, parabenes and silicones as well as synthetic scents and colours and are thus also suitable for sensitive skin.

Day-in day-out our hands are exposed to many adverse conditions at home and at work which impair their natural protective shield. This stress accelerates the natural ageing process of the skin. The unique LCN OGNX hand and nail care line argan has been developed especially to meet the demands of hands and cuticles. LCN OGNX stands for LCN Organics which introduces a complete new product line. The products contain 100% natural ingredients and are enriched with high quality argan oil. 

The nuts of the argan tree yield the amber-coloured argan oil. It contains more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids and anti-oxidants, which makes it an ideal ingredient for cosmetic products. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E, which as a free radical scavenger has a distinctive anti-ageing effect. Besides reducing fine lines and wrinkles it is also said to have intensively moisturising properties. The anti-oxidants as well as the high vitamin A and E content form a kind of protective wall around the cells, which repels damaging environmental conditions and stress. The skin’s moisture content is increased and it looks younger and radiant.
The LCN OGNX Hand and nail care line has a moisturising effect and makes dry and torn skin supple and soft again. Brittle nails regain their stability.
The nice light, soft texture of LCN OGNX Hand Cream soft argan is a treat for stressed hands. The cream contains calendula extract, the medicinal plant of the year 2009. The valuable calendula oil contains carotene, lycopene and flavonoids and is said to have healing properties. In addition to calendula extract, jojoba and argan oil protect the skin against drying out and a taut feeling. The hands feel supple and soft to the touch.
Extremely stressed skin needs special care: LCN OGNX hand cream intensive argan meets these special demands. Shea butter combined with olive oil in LCN OGNX hand cream intensive argan has an intensively nourishing and hydrating effect. Shea butter lastingly retains moisture, whereas the olive oil content has additional hydrating properties. Thus the hands are intensively moisturised and appear well-groomed.
LCN OGNX hand mask argan uses secrets of times long gone by. Valuable ingredients like organic honey, grape seed and argan oil enrich the LCN OGNX hand mask argan. Organic honey primarily serves as a moisturising agent and supplies the skin with an extra portion of moisture. Grape seed oil, like argan oil, contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamin E. It stimulates the metabolism, promotes circulation and protects the skin against adverse conditions. Applied once a week and gently massaged into the skin, LCN OGNX hand mask argan creates an exclusive care ritual with top quality ingredients.
Not only hands need special care. Our nails and cuticles also need our attention. Torn and brittle cuticles become supple with almond oil and vitamin E contained in LCN OGNX nail balm argan. Vitamin E is said to increase the skin’s moisture content and promote cell regeneration. Argan and almond oil have an intensively moisturising effect. Apply LCN OGNX nail balm argan onto the cuticles daily and gently massage into the skin.
LCN OGNX argan is free of mineral oils, parabenes and silicons as well as synthetic colours and scents. Thus the LCN OGNX argan products are also suitable for sensitive skin. The consistent use of plants, herbs and oils derived from certified organic cultivation enables the certification of the LCN OGNX line by the BDIH – certified natural cosmetics (Federal Association of German Industrial and Trading Companies of Medicines, Health Store Food, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics).
LCN products are available at selected salons or contact www.lcn.co.za

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