Friday, November 12, 2010

Diffusing 101 - Tips from Marc Anthony

Diffusing your hair is simply working with its natural movement instead of against it. This can be done naturally by letting your hair dry on its own, or can be done with a diffuser attachment. A diffuser is a blow dryer attachment that stops the warm air from blowing, leaving only the heat to dry your hair.
With a good cut, all hair can lend itself to be diffused. Your results will however vary depending on your hair type.
The general misconception about diffusing is that it is strictly for the purpose of creating curls or waves in the hair. In reality, it is simply a method of drying your hair in its natural state with a bit of enhancement.
For example, if you have a slight wave to your hair, using a diffuser can enhance its natural wave while keeping its inherent movement and flow. If you have pin straight hair a diffuser may not necessarily create waves, but dry your hair in a similar manner as drying it naturally, and with more volume and less frizz.


After washing and conditioning your hair it is important not to fuss with it too much. You want to enhance its natural movement, so the less you touch it the better. Always remember that the more you touch your hair the more you will add to the frizz problem; less really is more when it comes to handling your hair.
Since diffusing is all about natural movement, we recommend using a curl enhancing product such as Strictly Curls™ Curl Defining Lotion; this will help to draw out any natural wave or curl you have. It will also help to eliminate frizz and control your curl without looking too contrived. A good curl product will not leave your hair crunchy so it is okay to be generous with it.
If you are diffusing it naturally and letting it dry on its own, at this point you can give yourself a round of hair spray and leave it as is. Try a light spray of Strictly Curls™ Curl Booster, which has a flexible hold.
If using a diffuser concentrate on the root area first. Once most of the moisture is removed from the crown area, gently flip your head over and place the dryer under your hair. Continue to let the warm air dry your hair allowing for the natural curls/waves to form.
Once your hair is dry flip your head back up and with your fingers gently move your hair about to the shape you like. A light spray of Strictly Curls™ Curl Booster will help to hold it in place.
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