Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Introducing Crumbs & Cream to Cape Town!

Crumbs & Cream have hit the shores of Cape Town this summer with a bang! Visit this quirky ice cream truck at the Watershed Market at the V&A Waterfront to choose two freshly baked cookies from a selection of delicious flavours. Pick a scoop of delectable Italian ice-cream and enjoy! YUM!

Sisters, Shahar and Or Peled, always dreamed of a home full of ice cream and cookies, so they combined the two to make a delicious ice cream sandwich. After trying out many different cookie and ice cream recipes to find the very best, Crumbs & Cream was born!

All the Crumbs & Cream cookies are baked daily, so they are always fresh and warm!

Crumbs & Cream have different cookie flavours, which include: candy crush, butter, choc chips, peanut butter, brownies, Oreo and more...     They also have different flavours of ice cream, including: Chocolate, Mint Choc Chip, Caramel fudge, Rum&Raisins.
The Crumbs and Cream menu is whatever you make it. Pick your cookies (yes, you can choose 2 different flavours), and pick your ice cream - the choice is yours. 
With that in mind, we are also happy to provide guidance, constantly offering up delectable specials, in house creations and limited edition products.   
Instead of having just one cookie flavour, we recommend you choose 2 different cookies and 1 scoop of ice cream to create your superior ice cream sandwich! Don't forget to add some yummy toppings!
At Crumbs & Cream they focus on fresh, superior quality products, reasonable prices, friendly service and a fun atmosphere.
Price: R35.00

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