Thursday, August 28, 2014

Disney Range of Winnie the Pooh Nursery Equipment!

The Disney range of Winnie the Pooh nursery equipment and toys are the perfect way to introduce your baby to the magical world of Pooh Bear and friends from birth onwards.

Like the lovable Winnie the Pooh, your little ones have curiosity, adventure and imagination.

The Winnie the Pooh range will keep your little one entertained all day long. 

Disney Winnie the Pooh Sweet Dreams Light Show

Price: R469.99
The dreamtime lightshow is an enchanting cot projector featuring Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends.
The dreamtime lightshow has two settings. Sleep-time mode features voice-activated light projections onto the ceiling and dome, and play 3 gentle lullabies to help sooth your baby back to sleep.
Wake-up mode will reveal light images of Winnie the Pooh and his favourite friends on the dome and play 3 jolly ''pooh'' tunes to enliven your baby.
Additionally, there are parent activated buttons to produce different sounds. The features can be set to last for 5 or 10 minutes and have an auto shut off.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Magic Motion Play Gym
Price: R899.99

This colourful, round Winnie the Pooh magic motion play gym features arms that suspend and “magically” move above baby, bringing the toys to life while promoting visual tracking.
This Magic Motion Play Gym features 100 acre wood-themed toys and entertaining music.
Baby’s favourite toys can be attached to the play mat for tummy time play and a handy tummy time cushion is included for baby to discover all the crinkles on the bright and colourful play mat.

The Magic Motion Play Gym includes Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore soft toys, a fun mirror effect toy as well as a teether.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Cuddle N Glow Pooh
Price: R359.99

Cuddle N Glow Pooh is a super soft cuddly bedtime friend, perfectly sized for baby to hug and cuddle as they drift off to sleep.

Cuddle N Glow Pooh will yawn, giggles and snore! Press Pooh's nose to see his cheeks light up as he plays 5 different soothing gentle lullabies to send your little one off to dream land.

Disney Pooh & Friends Soft Discovery Book
Price: R159.99
The perfect Disney Pooh & Friends Soft Discovery Book for your little one to explore.
The easy to use clip attaches for on the go travel!
With eight pages of fun, the Winnie the Pooh discovery book features famous pooh and friends in exciting colours.
The Pooh and Friends Soft Discovery Book is full of surprises for baby to touch and feel. Each page offers something different for your baby to discover including soft textures, bright colours and sounds to encourage baby’s exploration.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Roly Poly Pooh
Price: R199.99
With one gentle push Pooh will roll from side to side making a gentle chime sound. The Winnie the Pooh Roly Poly Pooh is a fun, chunky floor toy that will keep baby amused for hours.

Stockist: Selected retailers nation wide

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Introducing Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons by Soylites

Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons are far from conventional. They are happy crayons.

Hand-made in South Africa (a South African first!) with a 100% vegetable base and beautifully coloured with certified food grade and cosmetic grade pigments, Rainbow Rocks are completely non-toxic and safe against your children’s skin.
The environment is also happy about this because Rainbow Rocks are completely biodegradable. With the unique addition of calmative, pure lavender essential oils, Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons enhance the senses and calms the mind. Lavender is known to have a calmative effect on children and adults alike. The scent of lavender literally fills the page or surface you are drawing on when using the crayons.
Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons are softer in texture than conventional crayons and glide smoothly and easily over a paper or card surface, resulting in a pastel feel.
Their round flower-like shape allows for more variation in drawing strokes and may help to enhance fine motor skills in smaller kids. Rainbow Rocks are also durable - dropping one will only dent the crayon and not break it. Most commercial crayons are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum based wax that is not easily biodegradable, potentially toxic, and others may have questionable ingredients. In the past there have been recalls and warnings for lead, asbestos, and most recently, mercury in conventional crayons. Rainbow Rocks avoids all these risks.
Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons are:
        100% vegetable base
        Food grade pigments
        Available in 9 rich, bold colours
        Scented with a low dilution of pure lavender essential oil for calmative inducing benefits.
        Long lasting - Strong, durable and do not break

        Easy grip for small hands – helps to enhance fine motor skills
        Draws thin lines, thick strokes and double lines
        Softer than traditional crayons with an oil pastel feel
        Completely biodegradable
        Handmade with love in South Africa
Rainbow Rocks Eco Crayons prices
RRP= R98.00
Stockist details:
Contact: 0766321973
Facebook: SoyLites

Disclaimer: Rainbow Rocks Happy Crayons are theoretically edible should your child happen to nibble on them (as kids sometimes do!). However, like all crayons, they could be a choking hazard and we strongly advise against this.

Rainbow Rocks are handmade in South Africa by SoyLites TM

Friday, August 15, 2014


Today is Freebees PR & Marketing's annual Editors Day! 
All of the our clients have the opportunity to showcase their products to the Johannesburg Editors for the whole day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pylones brings “la bonne vie” to the V& A Waterfront

The much anticipated official opening of the eccentric, one of kind international Pylones Flagship store opened at the V & A Waterfront on the 1st of August 2014.

Basic household products like mugs and umbrellas have been transformed into highly decorated works of art. Accessories have been given make overs and everyday items have been morphed into collectables. A true sensory feast!

With an array of gifts that would suit every gender, old or young, and all occasions. This extraordinary store where there is something unique to be discovered by all South Africans. Available in 25 countries and over 100 stores.  

The Americans pronounce the name "pie-lone-es" however the French pronunciation is "pee-lone".  Language lesson, aside this part toy-store, part design museum will capture your imagination, bring inspiration and tantalize your eyes.

A visit to our website or to one of our shops is sure to delight, enchant and enrich, just like the urge to give a gift!

"Pylones - the brand that transforms objects into gifts! Products available at the Pylones Flagship store  V& A Waterfront Shop 6178 Lower Level, Victoria Wharf and online at

About Pylones

Pylones was launched from a basement in Paris in 1985 by designer Braguette Magique. Today Pylones has over 100 stores worldwide
Barry Berman stated ''Pylones wanted to create objects that would make customers smile, and take them back to childhood.''
Enthusiastic and talented designers, new materials, new techniques, patient and competent suppliers, efficient and attentive employees contribute to Pylones’ success worldwide. Our loyal and friendly customers grow in number with every passing year.

Flagship store opened V & A Waterfront Cape Town 01 August 2014
Shop 6178 Lower Level, Victoria Wharf 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby Skin Care Gift Set

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby Skin Care Gift Set is the perfect gift for the little one on any occasion. Exceptionally popular for baby showers and expecting mothers, it is also the perfect travel set since each of the products is a perfect travel size.

The Pure Beginnings baby gift set contains the best baby skin care products, including:
       baby wash + shampoo (100ml)
       baby body lotion (100ml)
       baby bum cream (50ml)
       an embroidered cotton facecloth
All the Pure Beginnings products in the gift set contain baobab extracts which helps with skin elasticity and assists in firming and hydrating skin leaving your baby’s skin feeling silky smooth. The Pure Beginnings products are all great to treat eczema, allergies and any skin conditions.
The gentle Pure Beginnings Baby Body Lotion is mildly scented with rosemary and lavender, which are naturally moisturising and have soothing and anti-septic properties. It also contains Vitamin E, which is an excellent moisturiser and assists with keeping babies skin as soft as the day they were born.
Pure Beginnings baby wash and shampoo has a beautiful mild rosemary and geranium scent, and doubles up to wash babies body and hair. It contains organic oils which have soothing anti-septic properties, and also helps calm irritated skin. The product is ideal for treating babies suffering with cradle cap.
Pure Beginnings baby bum cream is an effective barrier cream, and with its natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, can be used to treat nappy rash as well as little insect bites and stings.
Price: R146.99
Stockist: Baby City & online 

About Pure Beginnings
Pure Beginnings is a company that manufactures and distributes a wide range of organic personal care products for the whole family.

Their focus is to produce products that perform as well as any high end personal care product on the market, but with all the added benefits that using an organic product brings.

Products are manufactured to organic standards with certified organic ingredients. The products are free from parabens, petrochemicals, sulphated surfactants, synthetic fragrances, preservatives and colourants.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

MAM Breast Feeding

MAM supports mums while they are breastfeeding and ensures that babies get a perfect start in life.
MAM’s breastfeeding products are noted for their supreme quality, technical innovation and unique design. They help mothers to stay flexible and support an independent, modern lifestyle.

MAM Manual Breast Pump

Price: R399.00
The Manual Breast Pump from MAM has been developed with real attention to detail and it can be adapted to meet individual needs. There are three reasons why expressing milk with the Manual Breast Pump is very pleasant and simple
The suction controller allows the suction strength to be adjusted easily to your individual preference. When it's turned all the way to the right, the vacuum is held for up to three seconds. In this position, lots of milk can be expressed quickly and easily
The adjustable funnel with soft breast pads
The funnel is angled slightly and can be turned all the way round. This allows you to set the position that you find most comfortable. Soft breast pads in the funnel provide a secure fit and a pleasant sensation on the skin

The Manual Breast Pump consists of just four parts. It's therefore very quick and easy to assemble and clean.

MAM Storage Solution

Price: R99.99
Breast milk is precious and this is why it is so important to store it safely and correctly. Thanks to this storage solution, it is very easy to build up reserves of breast milk.
This MAM Storage Solution is ideal for storage in a refrigerator and chest-type freezer.

It can be cleaned and sterilised as often as you want. Thanks to the washable labelling panel, the contents can always be provided with the latest date.

About MAM
Each MAM product is designed and developed together with designers, medical experts, scientists, engineers and parents.

MAM develops innovative products that are unique in function and design, and are greatly valued all over the world for its work on child safety.

Child safety is a major concern for MAM and MAM experts are involved in contributing to constantly improving international baby product quality assurance.

MAM innovations are developed to simplify life for parents while supporting the individual development of each child to make everyday baby life healthier and safer.

MAM inventions (21 technical innovations) are protected by 61 patents and 8 utility patents. The appearance and design of our products (55 design innovations) is protected by over 273 design patents.

Stockists: Baby City, Dis-Chem, and online at , and
Facebook: MAM South Africa

Monday, August 4, 2014


Whitehouse has an array of lanterns and candles that will add the perfect finishing touch to bedrooms, lounges , patio and your romantic dinner table setting.

Place candle holders on a table for an instant glamour upgrade or hang lanterns in trees to create a fairy garden effect. Candle light is a simple and cost effective way to bring a room alive and give it character.

 Try these Gold Tealight candles to create a warm golden glow

Antique Gold with white glass cylinder Tealight holder
Tall : R159.95
Short : R99.95

Friday, August 1, 2014


U-Laces recently landed in South Africa and are exactly what you have been looking for to kit out your sneakers. These are laces with no limits, with over 9 Trillion colour & pattern combinations!

The coolest thing in the USA at the moment, U-Laces are stretchy modular laces which span a single set of eyelets. One has the possibility to combine as many colours as they only have sets of eyelets, be it school colours, team colours, country colours, you name it! Not only does this allow for multi-colour designs, it also means that creating cool patterns and designs is quick and easy.

It is this patented “modular” design that allows you to create limitless ways to customize and configure the look of your sneakers.

U-Laces also turn sneakers into slip-ons – due to their stretchy nature, so no more laces to tie.

That is why skaters swear by U-Laces (skate more, re-tie less), they are loved by children (parents, no more pesky laces!) and a good choice for disabled people (saves them lots of frustration).

Another benefit is that one can fine tune the fit with patterns - from very snug to loose fitting, one can make the shoe fit the way they want.

U-Laces truly feel and look like laces, but give you that cool, fashionable & unique look you’ve been aiming for!

Price: R49.90/pack of 6 modular laces, 20 colours available in South Africa! (Each pack includes a Lacing Pattern Guide and a sticker. It takes 2 packs to lace a pair of sneakers.)

Stockist information:
U-Lace South Africa, official Distributor of U-Lace in South Africa
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