Monday, November 17, 2014

Limited Edition Prodigieux Parfum from NUXE

Limited Edition
Prodigieux Parfum

The fragrance born from the famous Huile Prodigieuse®

Prodigious from the Oil… to the Perfume

It had been a long time coming...
Fans, addicts and enthusiasts, including Aliza Jabès, had been dreaming of it, professing their desire for a "Huile Prodigieuse®" Perfume...

NUXE is making their dreams come true - the dream of being able to wear Huile Prodigieuse® as a Perfume, to finally spray it, love it, adopt it and feel it against their skin…

What a prodigious year when the mythical fragrance of the Oil has finally been captured in an Eau de Parfum giving rise to Prodigieux® le parfum !

This Perfume has fantastic powers. The power to awaken femininity, the power to stimulate the senses, the power to take sensuality to a higher level....and the power to effortlessly cast a spell on men...

  • It is totally a summery Perfume with citrusy head notes of BERGAMOT and MANDARIN and flowery, sparkly head notes of ORANGE BLOSSOM.

  • It has velvety heart notes of a budding bouquet of ROSES, GARDENIAS and MAGNOLIAS.

  • But this modesty does not last. It gives way to mineral base notes, evoking close, sultry dance moves somewhere between VANILLA and COCONUT MILK.

Available at selected Truworths stores for R595.00 from mid-November until the end of the year

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