Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Big Banquet in a Little Jar™

What’s the story behind Pesto Princess?

About 14 years ago, Kathleen Quillinan – an opera singer at the time – began selling fresh sauces made in her home kitchen, as a creative way to fund her singing career.  

Pesto was quite new to South African palates back then, and people were thrilled to discover the fresh flavour, revealing to Kathleen that it was possible to create a business with pesto as the signature product.
And so it came to be that she laid her singing career to rest and began a new adventure, with plenty of its own theatricality!

With the support of loyal fans over the last 14 years, Pesto Princess has weathered the challenging journey from market to supermarket, and today continues to nourish, comfort and delight people through food.

Where did the quirky name come from?

At a market in the early days, someone asked Kathleen what her company’s name was.  The truth of the matter was, it did not even have a name.  Being a performer, Kathleen was used to improvising, and offered the first name that came into her head: Pesto Princess. 

What flavours of pesto do you offer?


Recommended Retail prices – all R34.99 except Basil – The Classic – R36.99

Pesto Princess is a Halaal Certified Factory

How do you use pesto?

Pasta                     dilute and toss through cooked pasta
Sandwiches          use as a spread
Soups                     stir a spoon through soup as you serve
Meat Dishes        top with pesto before baking or grilling
Pizza                      spread on bases, or drizzle (diluted) as you serve
Salad Dressings  make your own with olive oil, balsamic, and lemon juice
Breakfast             add to scrambled eggs or omelettes before or after cooking

Why is Pesto Princess good for you?

no preservatives added.
no animal rennet.
not pasteurized, keeping all nutrients intact.
dairy free pesto (red and olive)
garlic free, and nut free, options available on request

How do you store and handle the products?

Use as a concentrate, or dilute.*
Always keep refrigerated; 3-4 weeks.
Glass jars freezer friendly; extends life up to 3 months.

*Dilution guidelines: mix one jar of Pesto Princess with 30ml hot water and 30ml olive oil.

Do you offer recipe ideas?


But first everyone needs to know how to make The Classic Pasta:
Dilute one jar of Pesto Princess as per guidelines above.
Toss through a packet of cooked pasta… voila!
Feeds four hungry people. Fast.

Monthly Royal Recipe:
Sent via email.. anyone can join!

What values does Pesto Princess uphold?
Our products are handmade by our factory princesses (many of whom have been with us from the very beginning), using fresh ingredients from local farmers, many of whom farm on a small scale.

Minimal – if any – insecticides or fertilisers are used on these farms, and keeping good, supportive relations with the farmers are held high in our regard.

We don’t pasteurise or add preservatives to our products…. And you’ll find you can stand a spoon straight up in them!  This is because they’re sold as concentrates, in keeping with the Italian way of making pesto.

Where can you buy Pesto Princess products?

Western Cape:
Pick n Pay
Food Lover’s Market (Fruit & Veg City)
Melissa’s The Food Shop
Selected Delis

Pick n Pay (selected)
Checkers (selected)
Spar (selected)
Selected Delis

Kwa-Zulu Natal
Pick n Pay (a few selected)

Is Pesto Princess on social media?

We are indeed… and love how chatty our Royal Family is.
Facebook:            Pesto Princess             (currently in lieu of website)
Twitter:                 @Pesto_Princess                    

How do you contact the palace?

021 709 0915          |           073 459 3786       |                   |    

Unit B, Enterprise Village, Capricorn Business Park, Muizenberg, 7945
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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