Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Herbal Hair Dyes

There have been many scary stories of late around the dangers of permanent hair dye, and allergic reactions seem to have become more common. Consumers are starting to ask more questions about the ingredients in hair dyes, as well as those in beauty products in general.

What is apparent is that most permanent hair dyes that hairdressers use as well as permanent home hair dyes contain high levels of chemicals like ammonia, paraben, resorcinol, hydrogen peroxide and phenylenediamine (PPD).

PPDs, in particular, have attracted a lot of bad press. But what is PPD and can you achieve the results you are looking for by using a product without PPD or with far lower levels?

In short, PPD are the color pigments used to alter your hair’s natural shade, a necessary ingredient in permanent hair dyes that do not wash out. Current European legislation allows for PPDs to make up 6% of the ingredients of hair dyes. However, with research pointing to its harmful effects, you’ll want to go for products that use the least amount possible.

Hydrogen Peroxide, contrary to public knowledge, is not considered a health risk in low quantities. There are a small number of people who may be allergic, but in general the most significant side effect is damaging your hair.

Ammonia is in fact more of a serious culprit with regard to health and allergic reactions. Its function is to penetrate the hair with color.

So what’s a gal to do who wants to experiment with hair colour while still using products that are friendly to her body?

The good news is that there are more natural permanent hair dyes available on the market that do the job just as well, if not better, than conventional hair dyes.

The world’s market leader in herbal hair dyes, Herbatint has been available in South Africa for seven years and has proven itself to offer more conditioning, lasting color. Herbatint contains no Ammonia, Paraben or Resorcinol as well as the lowest possible levels of PPD and Peroxide. The dye is a dream to use without the “customary” burning sensation during the dyeing process or the awful smell. And, hair is quite simply left in far better condition.

Like all permanent hair dyes, Herbatint does contain PPD, but the minimum possible levels, around 0.8% - 0.9% in most colours, with a maximum of 2.1% in the darkest colours. Herbatint also contains several vegetal extracts to reduce the impact of the PPD and to protect the hair and scalp such as Meadowfoam, Witch Hazel, White Birch and Echinacea.

But how is Herbatint able to penetrate hair with color in the absence of ammonia? The product uses special plant-based alkalines, with a maximum PH level of 8.5 (ammonia is 12.5). This avoids structural damage to the hair shaft and means that once the colour pigments have been deposited, the hair cuticle can be completely re-closed, resulting in far superior hair condition and less colour fade. The inclusion of Aloe Vera in the dye aids in the transfer of colour.

What distinguishes Herbatint from many other more natural hair dyes is that it is not Henna-based. It works like any conventional hair dye (namely it does not coat the hair like Henna does), it covers grey, doesn’t fade and comes in a fabulous range of 30 fully mixable natural and fashion shades. It can also lighten the hair by one or two tones with damaging the hair’s structure. And, Herbatint comes with a screwable lid so you can mix up the colour you desire, and simply save them all for next time.

People can be allergic to all kinds of substances and as with any hair dye, it’s recommended to do a patch test prior to use. However, it’s been found that many people do not react to Herbatint. The inclusion of Aloe Barbadensis as an ingredient is also useful as it is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant.

For the environmentally conscious, Herbatint is not tested on animals and comes in biodegradable, recyclable packaging.

The appearance of more natural and ethical alternatives is becoming more common, and Herbatint shows you how it’s really possible to look good and be conscious at the same time.

Check out the latest Herbatint promo video.

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