Friday, February 22, 2013

Joburg's Darling - review of Eetrite

Please

As you’ve probably gathered by now I’m a huge fan of anything cute and quirky. In my world everything can be made a million times better if it’s got a splash of colour or a cute little quirk that makes it stand out from the crowd. Which is why I’m completely smitten with the Eetrite range of products!

With its fun and bold designs and oh-so-bright colours the range of cookware, cutlery and crockery is the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen! Plus, they’re so reasonably priced you can afford to splash out a little. I absolutely love their collection of neon tea infusers which allow you to infuse loose teal leaves or tea bags in a few minutes. I’m also lusting after the collection of cast iron cookware which includes pots, casserole dishes and pans.  The collection comes in the most divine colours (like purple, red and orange) and is definitely too pretty to stick away in a dark cupboard in your kitchen!

They’ve also got loads of fun and clever little products to make your life easier. If, like me, you’re a big fan of French toast then you’re going to love the Eetrite French Toast Pan (R99)! I almost died when I saw these! The 14cm x 14cm non-stick square pan has been specially created to make sure you make the perfect slice of French toast every time (love it), and it’s dishwasher safe! What I love even more is that it comes in all sorts of funky colours including hot pink, lime, blue and orange.
Their new range of mini pots are also fantastic and allow you to warm up sauce, milk and small portions in no time. The little 12cm pots are perfect if you’re cooking for one and don’t want to dirty a huge pot. These also come in hot pink, lime, blue and orange and retail for R119 each.
Something else that I simply must have is their range of funky pairing knives (R28) – pick one in blue, green, red, orange, lime, yellow or purple. With their out -there design and super bright colours these knives deserve to be kept on show at all times!
So there you have it - if any of you were thinking of spoiling me anytime soon, I’ll take one of each in purple please! Otherwise I guess you could spoil someone else with these stunning pieces – they’d make ideal wedding gifts or house warming presents.

Two lucky readers stand the chance to win an Eetrite French Toast Pan! Read a full list of competition rules.

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