Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Decorating Tips & Trends

Plain bed linen
For versatility, make use of plain bed linen to mix and match at any time, any season. Plain bedding can be dressed with scatters and throws to create the colour scheme for the season.
Singles from only: R149.95

White goose feather & down 60%
Make your room look comfy with a good quality duvet and pillows. For an alternative with the same look and feel, micro fibre deluxe will do the trick for those with allergies or a lower budget.
Singles From only:
Micro fibre: R399.95
Goose and Down: R 1625.00

Accessorise your bed with throws to make or break the colour in your bedroom.
From only: R169.95

Frames, gives the room character and theme, allowing you to display photographs or pictures to suite the theme of your bedroom for the season.
From only: R49. 95

If you like the vintage trend and feel it will not suit your bedroom, accessorise with finer pieces.
Only: R229.95

Brighten up your bedroom with pops of colour.
From only: R59.95

Accessorise with metals to match any colour and pattern.
From only: R59.95

Scatter cushions
Pile on the scatters with colour, patterns and texture
From only: R 79.95

Balance your bedroom with two lamps or use the same colour lamp shade with different styled Lamp Stands.
For lamp shades always use neutrals to add warmth to your bedroom
Lamp stands: R 159.95
Lamp Shade: R 119.95

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