Tuesday, March 6, 2012

No more frozen peas or cabbage leaves!

Breast Nurse aids milk flow and eases breast feeding discomfort fast!

Breast feeding is a natural process giving baby essential ingredients, comfort and security. Sometimes though, engorgement, blocked ducts and mastitis can create soreness for mother, making feeding difficult for baby.

Breast Nurse™ is a simple home treatment to ease discomfort so that you can focus on enjoying your new baby. Sustained cooling and warming therapy is delivered through two soft packs containing a special thermal gel. Used cool it reduces inflammation and soothes pain. As a warm treatment it allows milk to flow more freely to make breast feeding easier.

The cushions contain a special gel developed to give sustained cooling or warming longer than conventional gels and remain soft straight from the freezer.

Easy to use in hospital and at home
Compact shape fits discreetly in bra
Sustained warming or cooling
Warm- stimulates milk flow to help feeding
Cool- soothes mastitis and engorgement
2 thermal gel cushions- reusable

Researched and developed with the help of midwives, breast feeding advisors and new mothers, Breast Nurse™ cushions slip easily into the nursing bra for a fast, discreet and effective treatment.
Breast Nurse... life saving bliss

Breast Nurse™ retails for R 149.95  
Tel: 27 83 44 00 968 / +27 72 808 2302
Stockists: Dis-Chem and online at www.baby.calora.co.za
For more detail on this product visit  www.breastnurse.co.za.

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