Friday, March 23, 2012

Emmy reviews Tip Top Toughen up Maxi Growth Base Coat

Tip Top Toughen Up Maxi Growth Base Coat, R75.99 (available at Clicks)

What they say: Help rebuild the nail from foundation to nail surface with Toughen up Maxi Growth Base Coat for Weak/Post-Acrylic/Damaged Nails, an intensive strengthener that returns thin nails to a healthy condition, using key ingredients.

What we say: This is the only base coat I ever use. I have incredibly weak nails that are prone to splitting and peeling.

When I have this base coat on, my nails feel stronger, break and split much less, and they actually grow. This base coat has remedied my nasty nails – I just make sure I have it on all the time now, and my nails look great, and are much stronger.

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