Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Part 2: Hair’s Getting ‘Pretty Messy’ for the Holidays

No matter where you are, what you are wearing or who you are with, the one thing we all have in common this holiday season is sexy hair. Welcome back ‘va va voom’! This season is not about the ‘femme fatale’; it’s about a full blown flirt who knows that she is. Vive la femme. Here is part 2 of 2 holiday hair trends for 2011.



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Full blowout madness and loving it! The evening will not be as lavish as Peter Sellers’ movie “The Party” but we love the idea of throwing a big fancy bash without leaving home.  This look is perfect for playing either hostess or guest at a smaller intimate gathering.  The vibe is quiet sexy; full hair that is ‘big roller’ smooth and tousled just because it looks sexier that way. 
Get the look:
This needs a full-on blowout to work best.
  • Round brush blowout: If you have fine hair, add some Instantly Thick™ Hair Thickening Cream before blow drying. A large barrel round brush will help to give fine hair the extra volume that sexy hair needs. Hold the brush high if you like volume at the roots. Roll up each section after you have finished and pin in place to set the volume.
  • Tousle and back-brush: Once you have finished unclip hair, add Oil of Morocco onto your fingertips, flip over and tousle hair gently to break it up slightly and add shine. Flip back over and very lightly back-brush the root area for extra body. (not yet avail in SA)
  • Finish: A quick all over spray of Pro Finish Hairspray and voila, you are ready to welcome your adoring public looking holiday gorgeous.
Curly haired girls should use Style Straight™ Instant Straightening Cream to tame the curl into holiday smooth. The same rules apply (large barrel round brush); however this blowout is not about volume – it’s about smooth – so you don’t need to hold hair high, just hold it taut.

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