Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Part 1: Hair’s Getting ‘Pretty Messy’ for the Holidays

No matter where you are, what you are wearing or who you are with, the one thing we all have in common this holiday season is sexy hair. Welcome back ‘va va voom’! This season is not about the ‘femme fatale’; it’s about a full blown flirt who knows that she is. Vive la femme.  Here is part 1 of 2 holiday hair trends for 2011.

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Martha Stewart does not hit your radar; it’s a night out for this girl. The updo has a sort of disheveled sexiness that looks like there may have been a bit of mischief afoot.
Hair is loose and when it goes up it is perfect yet not. Starting with large sized waves makes this look all that it can be.
Get the look:
You need a solid blowout to start this look. The idea is to get a ton of volume with a little movement. We use the movement to add texture and help hold the look.
  • Velcro set: Once hair is blown out smooth, add extra large Velcro rollers. Lightly spray each section with Pro Finish Hairspray before rolling. Once ready remove the rollers and brush hair out with a Mason Pearson type of brush to break the hair up.
  • Twist: Split your hair from ear-to-ear along the crown line and clip the front section up for the moment. Take the back section and make a low ponytail with your fingers, then slowly start twisting in an upward motion, keeping it as close to the scalp as possible; this will give you a twist that is tight yet naturally finished. Once you reach the crown, begin pinning it in place, tucking the left over pieces into the twist.
  • Back brush: Remove the clip from the front section and give it a good spray with Pro Finish. Very softly back brush your hair so that it has a bit of messy volume; we want this to be bedroom sexy vs. boardroom sexy (two completely different things).
  • Crowning volume: Very gently gather the front section and begin pinning it into the top back of your head (where the twist ends). It should create some volume on the top. Pieces that get left behind can look sexy so don’t worry with them until you’ve finished the basic shape.
Now, stand back and take a look at your handy work. If need be tuck in any stray hairs you are not pleased with and leave the others to softly fall as they may. Très chic mixed with a good dose of holiday spice

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