Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ACTIVE LIFTING. DEEP RENEWAL from [comfort zone] Sublime Skin

SUBLIME SKIN is the new integrated programme of homecare, professional treatments and lifestyle recommendations developed by [ comfort zone ] to correct the visible signs of DEGENER-AGING™, the structural degeneration of the skin architecture. SUBLIME SKIN effectively restores the three skin pillars, water, proteins and lipids for a deep renewal and an active lifting from within.

A breakthrough approach to combat the loss of volume, sagging, deep wrinkles and lack of luminosity to redesign the face’s anatomy and bring back skin’s sublime beauty.
The absence of silicones also represents a true innovation to ensure all formulas are active on the skin. Silicones have indeed been replaced by a blend of natural oils and butters, which guarantee the same silkiness and smoothness while at the same time they protect and nourish the skin.

In its first phase of life, skin is incredibly elastic, luminous and its plumpness expresses its enormous vitality and strength. With the passing of time, the skin layers undergo an irreversible functional slowdown, which causes a structural degeneration, worsened by unbalanced lifestyle. This is made visible by the face’s changes in shape and surface. The oval becomes empty and hollow, skin loses its elasticity, softness and luminosity, dehydration, deep wrinkles and dullness appear. Using a metaphor, it is as if the pillars of the skin crumble with the passing of time, compromising its architecture, which provides support and solidity.

The degeneration in the content and composition of water, proteins and lipids affects not only the skin but also the whole body. Thus the collaboration with the Scientific Committee to find the most active skin care solution and lifestyle support to correct the damage caused by DEGENER-AGING™ from within.

Developed in collaboration with Doctor Mariuccia Bucci, Nutridermatologist, Doctor Massimo Gualerzi, Cardiologist, and Doctor Claudia Aguirre, Neuroscientist and Skincare Expert, the line builds on solid scientific foundations.
Drawing inspiration from the most successful dermatological rejuvenating procedures of hydro-filler, lipo-filler and advanced peels, SUBLIME SKIN delivers immediate and visible results, without compromising on safety and pleasantness.
The [ comfort zone ] R&D Laboratories have also selected an innovative active ingredient which acts on microRNA, real enemies of protein synthesis. MicroRNA are abundant, with different actions and targets in the whole body. Those in the skin cause errors in the transcription of collagen and elastin, the essential structural proteins, and these errors tend to increase with age. By addressing microRNA, Sublime Skin introduces an innovative pathway to stimulate the production of new proteins, giving skin new firmness and elasticity.

The results of the advanced research between the R&D and the Scientific Committee are three-fold:

  • The exclusive ARCHI-LIFT™ TECHNOLOGY, a combination of active ingredients that work in synergy on the three pillars of water, proteins and lipids, for an active lifting from within.

  • An innovative approach of modular, stronger peels for a deep skin renewal without downtime or risk of irritation. Doctor Claudia Aguirre, from California, was particularly involved in the development of the new peel protocol, bringing the latest benchmark from the US market.

  • Skin replumping lifestyle tips to fight degener-aging™ from within, thanks to the collaboration of Doctor Massimo Gualerzi, wellbeing expert and promoter of healthy and sustainable living. 

  • DIY ACTIVE LIFT MASSAGE developed with Antonella Latilla, International spa treatment development and Education master. A mini facial everyday routine to maximize the benefit of Sublime Skin range.


The combination of MICRO and MACRO HYALURONIC ACID with paeonia albiflora extract mimics, in a cosmetic and non-invasive way, the modern techniques of hydro- and lipo-filler for an immediate and progressive plumping effect. The exclusive synergy acts on the mechanisms, which protect and stimulate the skin’s water and fat content.

HYALURONIC ACID, renowned for its hygroscopic properties, has the ability to attract and retain water, while the PAEONIA ALBIFLORA EXTRACT preserves the lipid content, favouring the maturation of pre-adipocytes into adipocytes and therefore restoring volume to the face.


PLANTAGO LANCEOLATA is a perennial plant, native to Eurasia: in recent times it has been studied for its incredible restructuring and protective properties on the protein structure.  This extract is in fact the first cosmetic active ingredient able to inhibit the microRNA, responsible for an ineffective synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is also able to regulate the efficiency of the melanocytes, thereby helping to prevent age spots and bestow skin luminosity.     

PALMITOYL GLYCINE is a lipo-amino acid, which protects the structural proteins of the skin (collagen and elastin).  It inhibits the internal enzymes that degrade the protein structure whilst stimulating those with protective functions.


To counteract DEGENER-AGING™ from within, [comfort zone ] has developed an integrated approach that, together with the home care and professional offer, includes suggestions for a well-balanced skin replumping as well as an everyday beauty routine for longer lasting results.

On [ comfort zone ] digital channel you can discover a series of healthy, tasty, time-smart recipes rich in powerful nutrients such as vitamins, mineral salts, phytoestrogens, proteins and omega 3 to support the skin’s natural replumping action. A daily intake of vitamin C is indeed needed to promote the natural production of collagen, fatty acids are fundamental to prevent skin dryness, while proteins are necessary for the repair and for the construction of new tissues. Zinc and copper help prevent signs of aging and estrogens are essential for the elasticity and plumpness of the skin.

As an additional tool on [ comfort zone ] youtube channel is available the  “DIY ACTIVE LIFT MASSAGE, an everyday self-massage technique, inspired by the professional facial, that helps detoxify, oxygenate and lift the skin for visible and long-lasting results. Ten easy steps to maximize the benefits of the Sublime Skin home care treatment and to treat your skin to a mini facial every day.


Skincare products feed and nourish the skin, and for this reason [ comfort zone ] is extremely rigorous about what to put inside its formulas, selecting only the finest natural-origin ingredients, the most advanced high-tech molecules and carrier systems. Every ingredient is consciously chosen to guarantee the maximum efficacy, safety and pleasantness, and each product is created without parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours, sulphates, animal derivatives and MIT. Silicones have been replaced by natural oils and butters, which guarantees the same silkiness and “real beauty” for the skin. The essence of the formulative approach is represented by this symbol, which appears on the packaging of all products. 

The elegant bouquet of floral notes of peony, magnolia and violet leaf harmonize in a base of musk, vetiver and sandalwood.  It interprets and identifies the line with a touch of feminine elegance which celebrates both the natural and technical aspects of the products. 

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