Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Glamore is now apart of the Freebees Family


Glamore Cosmetics is the online store making international cosmetic brands Hean, AA Oceanic Cosmetics, Omega Nail and Robanda Anti-Aging Skin Care available to the South African market.

The Glamore Cosmetics team is passionate about making the best international make-up and skincare brands attainable to the public in South Africa. Their main focus is beauty products that are kind to sensitive skins and this is how they tracked down Hean and AA Oceanic Cosmetics.

Hean and AA Oceanic Skin Care ranges can be can be bought directly from the online store Visit the online store to view this wonderland of cosmetics and beauty products.

The Glamore Team:
Gael Baines heads up The Glamore Cosmetics team; she has a PhD from the University of Cape Town in Medical Microbiology. After obtaining her PhD in Breast Cancer she worked at Tygerberg Medical School (Stellenbosch University) in the Department of Medical Biochemistry for 9 years. She piloted a study in the fields of Tuberculosis and HIV which was funded by Glaxo Smith Kline. Recently Gael has imported Robanda Anti-Aging skincare range and Omega Labs nail polish range from the USA. In doing so she has worked closely with the CTFA (Cosmetics Toiletries Fragrance Association of South Africa) ensuring that the ingredients in these products are acceptable to all the laws governing skincare products in South Africa.

Emma Baines is currently studying a Bcom LLB at University of Cape Town. She handles the social media aspect of Glamore Cosmetics. Emma loves makeup and cosmetics and she firmly believes that one can never ever never ever have enough makeup and it is important to always look one’s best. It was through Emma’s love of beauty products but inability to wear many brands due to her sensitive skin that Gael and Emma tracked down the products that are available on the Glamore Cosmetics online shop.

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