Friday, April 17, 2015

Esse Moisturisers

Esse Light Moisturiser 50ml – R320.00
Contains anti-oxidants which protect against environmental damage to allow young skin to maintain a healthy state. Manketti Oil exhibits UV protection properties and is high in omega-6 fatty acids. Spearmint decongests by encouraging micro-circulation and elimination of toxins. Cape geranium is included for its anti-bacterial and anti-comedogenic action.
  • Young Oil Skins
  • Normal Skin-Humid Weather Conditions

Esse Deep Moisturiser 50ml – R350.00

Esse Deep Moisturiser will moisturise and maintain balance without leaving greasy residues or dry areas, making this our most popluar moisturiser. Ylang Ylangs balancing effect stabilises both oily and dry skin patches creating an even skin state. Honeybush is included for its anti-aging, anti-oxidant and healing properties.
  • Combination and Normal Skins

Esse Rich Moisturiser 50ml – R380.00

Esse Rich Moisturiser has excellent penetrative qualitie which allows this product to treat from below the surface. Marula oil contains an extremely stable anti-oxidant and has high levels of omega 6 fatty acids. Olive leaf extract improves skin elasticity and exhibits antioxidant and photo protection properties.
  • Dry and Mature Skins
  • Normal Skins Dry Weather Conditions

Esse Ultra Moisturiser 50ml – R400.00

Esse Ultra Moisturiser is a super-rich treatment moisturiser which will feed and satisfy the most thirsty of skins. Both Manketti and Yangu oils exhibit photo-protection properties to reduce damage caused by the sun. Grape Seed Extract improves skin structure by increasing the production of collagen and elastin.
  • Dehydrated and dry skins

About Esse:

Most people associate probiotics (good microbes) with maintaining a healthy gut, but new research has shown that microbes are also essential for perfect skin. There are ten microbes for every human cell in your body and this finding has turned the conventional view of skin on it’s head. Skin is a complex ecosystem – an intricate, intermingled mix of human and microbial cells that work together to optimise barrier function and keep moisture in. Esse has used this new revelation to formulate products that maintain a balance of microbes to slow the ageing process. To do this, Esse uses prebiotics to selectively feed good microbes and they’ve used probiotic microbes in some products to deliver specific results.

           Certified Organic
          Fair Trade
          Beauty Without Cruelty

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