Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NEW - Sense of Luxury

Freebees is excited to announce that Sense of Luxury is our new client.

Sense of Luxury-beauty, is the brain child of Arita Bagwandin.

“The mantra of Sense of Luxury is : Where beauty and luxury is a way of life !” –Arita Bagwandin

Sense of Luxury- Beauty  has different lotions and potions in  various collections to suit all moods, seasons, from day-to-night. The beauty range includes exotic fragrances for women and men, luxurious hand creams, foot scrubs, soap bars and body washes. Now everyone can afford to look and feel like a million dollars, through our luxury product offerings, using natural formulations, and organic aromatics with their guaranteed health benefits, all of the highest quality, and affordable.

 We are very excited to announce the launch of Sense of Luxury 
– Beauty Online Boutique: www.solarita.info .

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