Monday, January 26, 2015

Fully adaptable shelving system

Fully adaptable shelving system launched by new Furniture Design Company
Reinvent your storage options at home or in the offi­ce whenever the mood strikes.

The Vere Shelving System (VSS) can be effortlessly arranged (and rearranged) in as many configurations as you dare imagine. Moving a shelf is eff­ortless, flip each shelf to create built in bookends or stack them to create “boxes” or “bridges”. It’s fun, attractive and super simple. The weight of the shelf is what secures it in place. No screws, just gravity.
The versatility of this system makes it perfect for an array of needs in both the home

and office, or in fact, anywhere else. 
The name “Vere” (pronounced veer-ay) is Latin for real and true, and sums up the Vere design philosophy. “We create contemporary furniture that is unpretentious yet crisp, and sold for a fair price.” We believe it is possible to integrate beauty, functionality and a­ffordability into furniture design.
We love simple modular design that keeps production costs low and product flexibility high. We are based in Cape Town, we showcase our work digitally and distribute anywhere.

VSS1 (4 shelves / 4 rails) - R4000

VSS2 (6 shelves / 8 rails) - R5500
VSS3 (8 shelves / 10 rails) - R7000

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