Friday, March 28, 2014

"Vintage District" by Essence

Cool hippy attitude meets bohemian chic and street style: the new essence
trend edition “vintage district”
spreads the flair of the fashion hotspots around the world in March 2014 To be found in many big cities: art districts with unique and individual shops where the trends of the past come back to life and merge with new styles. Retro colours like rusty red, petrol, grey, peach and brown as well as products with a vintage appearance put you in the mood for the treasures of past generations. The duo lipstick & gloss in two intensive colours and the nail art decoration kit for lots of creative and extraordinary nail designs are the absolute highlights of this trend edition.

essence vintage district – eyeshadow
Used and amused! The three highly-pigmented eyeshadow colours stand out for their gentle as well as long-lasting texture and are simply fun to use. The speckled look in another colour from the trend edition turns each eyeshadow into an absolute eye-catcher! A pure vintage feeling is guaranteed! Available in 01 I'm so retro, 02 shopping @ portobello road and 03 get arty. R29.95

essence vintage district – gel eyeliner set
Colour-intense in turquoise and grey, the gel-cream texture of the eyeliner ensures an accurate line and is easy to apply thanks to the brush included in the set. The ultimate duo for individual eyeliner styles. Available in 01 shopping @ portobello road and 02 get arty. R34.95

essence vintage district – duo lipstick & gloss
Unique lips! The duo lipstick & gloss is a true must-have and so practical: two textures of the same colour united as a combo-product ensure ultimate colour fun! The creamy lipstick texture can either be used on its own or as a basis for the gloss. And the gloss is also a superstar, no matter whether you use it alone or as a topper! Available in 01 vintage peach and 02 antique pink. R39.95

essence vintage district – multi colour blush
Way back then or right now, fashionista or bohemian queen: everybody wants a perfect complexion! The soft peach base colour of this multi colour blush ensures a fresh look while the flower decoration with golden shimmer creates gorgeous highlights to complete the bohemian look. Available in 01 it's popul-art. R44.95

essence vintage district – nail polish
Antique treasures! The four retro colours of the nail polish are sure to put you in the mood for a trip to the past. Peach, rusty red and turquoise are plain and grey comes with a light shimmer. Applied on their own or as a base for the decorative elements of the nail art decoration kit, they conjure-up a hint of nostalgia on your nails. Available in 01 vintage peach, 02 shopping @ portobello road, 03 antique pink and 04 get arty. R24.95

essence vintage district – top coat gel look
Shiny nails: the high-shine top coat gives your nails a popular gel-like finish and is ideal for sealing individual nail-style creations.
Available in 01 shine like new. R24.95

essence vintage district – nail art decoration kit
Individualists: do it yourself! It’s easy to create unique nail designs with the two versions of the nail art decoration kit. Whether you go for glitter, flakes or pearls – there is no limit to your imagination for a guaranteed wow-effect! Available in 01 something g-old - something new and 02 designer for a day. R34.95

essence “vintage district” will be available in stores from 28 March – end June 2014.

Available in CLICKS and Dis-Chem.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy HUMAN RIGHTS DAY South Africa

Remember the past & celebrate the future on Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day (21 March) was officially declared a public holiday in 1994 following the inauguration of former president Nelson Mandela. This national day-off is both a stark reminder of the tragic Sharpeville massacre and a celebration of South Africa’s unique constitution, which gives equal rights to all.
The Sharpeville Massacre
On Monday, 21 March in 1960 police opened fire, without order, on a crowd that had gathered at the Sharpeville station to protest pass laws, stipulations that required Africans to carry books and produce them for law enforcement officials on request; 69 unarmed people were killed and another 180 were injured.  
While little is known about what really sparked this tragic event, Joe Tlholoe, one of the nation's most acclaimed journalists who was a high school pupil at the time, recalled that the Pan Africanist Congress – under the leadership of Robert Sobukwe – appealed to all African men to take a stand against such a humiliating law, leave their pass books (also known as the dompas) at home, go to their nearest police station and demand to be incarcerated for not carrying the demeaning document. The police then, upon seeing the masses of people marching, opened fire on the crowd in a state of fear.
Today, the South African constitution protects individual rights, like the right to move freely without a pass book, with its inclusion of the Bill of Rights (only a supermajority of Parliament can influence any changes to the bill), and citizens are entitled to basic human dignity and more in the country’s current democracy.
Today I am proud to be a South African, proud to see where our country has been & proud to see how we are working towards a better future together.
Happy HUMAN RIGHTS DAY South Africa!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

"Me & My Ice Cream" by Essence

essence trend edition “me & my ice cream

I scream: ice cream! There’s nothing more refreshing than a fruity or creamy ice cream on a hot day. essence invites you to make a quick stop at an ice cream cart in March 2014 with the trend edition “me & my ice cream”. Soft sorbet shades like beige, vanilla, apricot, pink, lavender and mint as well as awesome products in a cool retro look will melt your heart. Look forward to eyeshadows in soft nuances with a marbled texture, three lip balms with a color twirl, a creamy blush, shimmer pearls with perfectly aligned shades and nail polishes in gorgeous pastel tones. The highlights of this trend edition are the nail topping stickers that conjure-up a lovely 3D effect on your nails. And in case your hands get a little sticky while you enjoy your ice cream, you can simply use the practical hand wipes to clean them up again! Gelati, gelati with essence!

essence me & my ice cream – baked eyeshadow
Icy eyes! The longlasting, baked eyeshadows in soft caramel, apricot and mint have a creamy texture and a cool marble effect to conjure-up a summery eye make-up style with a light shimmer. Available in 01 cone head, 02 icylicious and 03 always in my mint. R39.95

essence me & my ice cream – lip balm
Let’s twist! These unique lip balms are available in three different color combinations: lavender-vanilla, apricot-beige and pink-mint. The colors blend perfectly upon application and look really cute, too! They pamper your lips with shea butter and jojoba oil as well as leaving behind a delicious fragrance. Available in 01 ice, ice baby, 02 icylicious and 03 ben & cherries. R39.95

essence me & my ice cream – cream blush
Cream dream! This blush with a creamy formula and innovative curvature feels creamy and powdery at the same time. The intensive apricot shade offers a naturally beautiful, fresh complexion. Head out into the sunshine – with a portion of your favorite ice cream! Available in 01 ice bomb. R39.95

essence me & my ice cream – shimmer pearls
Shimmering scoops of ice cream… the softly shimmering pearls with a light color dispersion are perfectly aligned with the pastel shades of this trend edition. They give your face and neckline a subtle glow and can even cover-up fine imperfections as well as slight redness thanks to the different nuances. Available in 01 i-cy u. R44.95

essence me & my ice cream – nail polish
Strawberry, sweet woodruff, blueberry or apricot? The longlasting nail polishes in gorgeous pastel shades like pink, mint, lavender and apricot are sure to put you in the mood for ice cream – and summery nails, of course! Available in 01 ben & cherries, 02 always in my mint, 03 ice, ice baby und 04 icylicious. R24.95

essence me & my ice cream – nail topping sticker
Rainbow sprinkle toppings! These innovative, self-adhesive stickers create a unique and surprising 3d effect on your nails. The sweet design with a pearl-like look is the ultimate nail style highlight – and not just for ice cream fans! Available in 01 rainbow sprinkles. R29.95

essence me & my ice cream – hand wipes
Ice cream cone to go? To make sure that your hands are fresh and clean after you enjoy your treat, the me & my ice cream hand wipes come in a practical, re-sealable packaging that’s sure to fit into any purse. And they have a delicious strawberry ice cream fragrance, too! Available in 01 i scream ice cream. R16.95

essence “me & my ice cream” will be available in CLICKS stores in
March – May 2014.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dermaroller MicroNeedling from Lamelle

Dermaroller MicroNeedling

Did you know that every time we apply products to our skin we potentially waste a lot of the product?  For every face cream costing R350, we waste R349 of the cream and only R1 worth actually reaches the layers of the skin where it is needed.

By using a totally pain free, safe and easy to use Dermaroller C8 from Lamelle Research Laboratories you can now increase penetration of creams and serums by a staggering 1556%!! Would this increase the efficacy of Growth Factors such as those contained in the Dermaheal Range from Lamelle Research Laboratories?

The answer is - absolutely, Growth Factors together with the Dermaroller create a powerhouse of anti-aging and repair. 
Growth factors act as natural messenger proteins that allow communication between cells in our body. They are the control mechanism for all wound healing and cellular repair. One way in which they work is by repairing skin that is damaged from natural aging. As we age, our bodies produce lower levels of natural growth factors resulting in a decrease in the breakdown of collagen. This is important for us, because collagen is the foundational support to the skin.

Topical skin care treatments that include epidermal growth factor (EGF) stimulate tissue regeneration and collagen production, by re-energizing waning cellular DNA synthesis, and triggering our skins natural ability to heal making it invaluable against premature aging.

This re-useable (per patient) skin treatment system that allows you to achieve better results than ever before in a reliable, safe and tolerable manner. A Dermaroller C8 will be useful for hundreds of treatments making it very cost effective and super effective.

Dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aesthetic physicians and skin care therapist’s worldwide are recognising the value of more efficient dermal delivery systems that don't cost the earth, have no maintenance costs yet deliver outstanding results.

Differentiate your salon and services from the rest and offer paramedical dermal delivery treatments to your clients. Remember that the results are only as good as the active ingredients that are placed into the skin! Powerful antioxidants, dermal and epidermal growth factors and Retinoids are natural choices for accelerated results.  Take your skin care practice and clients to new levels of dermatologic excellence; contact Lamelle Research Laboratories to learn how.

Benefits of the Dermaroller C8
    •      The process is entirely natural
    •      Dramatically increases the effectiveness of skincare products and treatments.
    •      When used in conjunction with Growth Factors and antioxidants, can reduce the appearance of scarring, soften fine lines and restore tone
    •      The process is not painful
    •      There is no damage to the skin
    •      It can be used on thin skin
    •      No sun sensitivity is induced
    •      It can be used on all areas of the face, neck and body
    •      It is cost-effective
    •      This type of needling can be done on people who have had laser resurfacing
    •      Can be used on areas of the skin where laser resurfacing cannot reach
    •      A precision German-made instrument that will last

Available for R1 293.80 from Dermatologists, Aesthetic Doctors and Skin Care Facilities. 
Head Office: 011 465 2264.

Monday, March 17, 2014

CAPE TOWN CARNIVAL with essence & Catrice



Saturday, 15th March 2014 saw the fifth annual Cape Town Carnival.
 Catrice Cosmetics and Essence were the official makeup sponsors.

The Carnival attracted celebrities such as:
·         Liezel van der Westhuizen
·         Siv Ngesi
·         Kia Johnson
·         Leigh Ann Williams
·         Natalie Becker

Kia Johnson, Liezel van der Westhuizen & Siv Ngesi all dressed up for the Carnival!

Cindy Nell Roberts, Director of Cosmetix, doing her thing.

St Patricks Day with ESSENCE

It is  St Patricks Day & essence has some fabulous make up products!
Celebrate St Patricks Day today by spoiling yourself with some Essence St Patricks Day inspired cosmetics! 
 (Adapted from Get It - Ballito Umhlanga) 

Friday, March 14, 2014


All children love the Easter holiday, especially because it involves baskets full of chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate causes tooth decay, a common chronic childhood disease.

Therefore teaching your children and getting them into the habit of cleaning their teeth from a young age is of the utmost importance. MAM baby products have made this vital step just a little bit easier for you with their innovative Oral Care Set consisting of the Oral Care Rabbit and the Massaging brush.

MAM – Oral Care Rabbit
With the oral care rabbit, parents can easily clean baby’s gums and first teeth, as well as massage sensitive gums.The oral care rabbit has soft microfiber material which is gentle on baby’s tender and sensitive gums. The oral care rabbit can easily be washed in the washing machine.

MAM – Massaging Brush
The Massaging Brush is an innovative oral hygiene product that lays the best foundations for a winning smile. The Massaging Brush cleans and massages while ensuring that babies quickly forget all about teething.The Massaging Brush gets in between every tooth while massaging exactly where it’s meant to. The Massaging Brush has an extra-long handle for the parent and child to hold together.
(Adapted from Tums2Tots Online)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wechsler Opens Up A World of Luxury

Knock , Knock…. Open Sesame!

New Wechsler introduces Fired Earth Door Knobs and Hooks exclusive to Builders Warehouse

Add some luxury to your décor with Fired Earth Door Knobs.
These door knobs can be used to jazz up an old dresser and take a drab bedroom door to fab in a few minutes!

Fired Earth Door Knobs are available in an array of styles, textures and colours. Whatever your décor style, we have a door knob for you.
Prices Starting From : R114.99

Door knobs are not only functional items but can be used in many craft ideas
Here are a few examples

1. To Hang Jewellery

2. Decorative Wine Stoppers

3. Hooks for Bags & Towels

4. Curtain Holders

5. Upgrade an Old Changing Station

Stockist details 
Fired Earth Door Knob and Hooks are exclusively available at Builders Warehouse

Importer details 
New Wechsler - Kate Oakley – 011 445 3393

Friday, March 7, 2014

Prelox Promotes Fertility

Freebees is excited to introduce Prelox®, a patented blend of Pycnogenol and L-arginine designed to actively treat male infertility.

Research shows that male infertility contributing to 50 percent of all couples fertility problems.

Lamelle Research Laboratories has achieved extensive credibility using evidence based, innovative and paramedical training. The Lamelle brand is based on a commitment to the principle that all products developed must undergo a rigorous programme of review, research and meticulous production.

Price: R495 (including VAT)

Stockist: Available at pharmacies nationwide, to find out more visit

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Discover SpaRitual’s Exciting New Innovations

SpaRitual introduces an exciting new top effect category with two new Matte collections: Mattify Matte Top Effect and Luminary Matte Top Effect. As part of the signature collection, Top Effects add new dimension and versatility to any nail lacquer.

The Mattify Matte Top Effect top coat transforms any glossy polish to a matte finish for a unique and beautiful touch.
The Luminary Matte Top Effect diffuses light with iridescent matte flakes when layered on top of any nail lacquer shade.

In addition, the Luminary Matte Top Effect eliminates the need to use two separate lacquers to achieve the matte sparkle effect as both effects are combined into one formula.
The Luminary collection features a speckled, radiant effect including a gold iridescent, Citrine and purple iridescent, Opaline.

As with all SpaRitual lacquers, the Mattify Matte Top Effect and Luminary Top Effect are formulated without DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor.

Mattify Matte Top Effect and the Luminary Top Effect will be available April 2014 and will both retail for R193.00 each at select spa and retail locations throughout the country.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Linen Drawer Unwraps a great new product

Linen Drawer introduces the Bedwrap which is a really unusual product that is changing the way people “hide” their mattress from the eyes of the world.
In the old days we had a bed frill that hung like a skirt over the base of the mattress and had a “frilly” look to it.
Then we had the base cover, which was made from the same bed linen fabric as the sheets and duvet covers and placed on the bed base between the mattress and the bed base and then hangs down, almost to the level of the floor and covers the mattress from view. No more frills at the bottom, but clean square lines of fabric in a boxed effect. One of the biggest challenges with this product was getting it off from the bed to be laundered and back on again.
Now we have the Bedwrap…..    
For an effortless and contemporary finish, these beautiful, styled bedwraps are the perfect complement to your bed linen. Made from a durable fabric that feels like suede, the Bedwrap is used to decorate the base of the bed. The Bedwrap is elasticized and fits snugly around the base, covering bases with up to a 35 cm depth. It does not hang on the floor like some base covers do and it does not move when the bedding is changed. A contemporary product that will enhance the look of any modern bedroom.

The Bed Wrap is available in the following colours:

Not only is this a long lasting, hard wearing, very practical product, but it is also very reasonably priced.
Prices range from R239 for a Single bed to R397 for a Super King Extra Length bed. Bought directly from our website delivery is free to anywhere in South Africa.
Visit our website :