Monday, March 3, 2014

Linen Drawer Unwraps a great new product

Linen Drawer introduces the Bedwrap which is a really unusual product that is changing the way people “hide” their mattress from the eyes of the world.
In the old days we had a bed frill that hung like a skirt over the base of the mattress and had a “frilly” look to it.
Then we had the base cover, which was made from the same bed linen fabric as the sheets and duvet covers and placed on the bed base between the mattress and the bed base and then hangs down, almost to the level of the floor and covers the mattress from view. No more frills at the bottom, but clean square lines of fabric in a boxed effect. One of the biggest challenges with this product was getting it off from the bed to be laundered and back on again.
Now we have the Bedwrap…..    
For an effortless and contemporary finish, these beautiful, styled bedwraps are the perfect complement to your bed linen. Made from a durable fabric that feels like suede, the Bedwrap is used to decorate the base of the bed. The Bedwrap is elasticized and fits snugly around the base, covering bases with up to a 35 cm depth. It does not hang on the floor like some base covers do and it does not move when the bedding is changed. A contemporary product that will enhance the look of any modern bedroom.

The Bed Wrap is available in the following colours:

Not only is this a long lasting, hard wearing, very practical product, but it is also very reasonably priced.
Prices range from R239 for a Single bed to R397 for a Super King Extra Length bed. Bought directly from our website delivery is free to anywhere in South Africa.
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