Friday, April 11, 2014

Updated Packaging for Comfitex Sanitary Protection Range

Comfitex has been supplying South Africans affordable adhesive pads for many years.   Comfitex are able to supply an even more affordable offering, allowing many more woman the opportunity of trading up into Sanitary Protection.
New consumers are able to purchase Comfitex Pantyliners along with Comfitex Bodyform Adhesive Pads – offering extra comfort and convenience. Furthermore, Comfitex is giving away 10 free pantyliners with every pack of 40’s & 5 free Pantyliners with every pack of 20’s.

To use:   Remove adhesive backing tape and press pantyliner firmly to your  underwear.
To dispose:  Wrap securely and discard with normal household waste.
 “Uses for pantyliners”  
  • Everyday freshness.
  • For use at the beginning and end of your cycle.
  • To supplement protection during your cycle. 

Comfitex has now come out with their new range of pads to target the relevant teenz starting from the age of 9years to 19years.  TeenyFirst is the smallest pad in South Africa.
TeenyFirst Ultra Soft Deo Winged:
  • Soft Cotton for added comfort
  • Wings for added protection
  • Scented with Jasmine essence

TeenyFirst Ultra Dry Winged:
  • Dry weave cover for quicker absorption and less re-wet
  • Wings for added confidence
  • Unscented

TeenyFirst Ultra Soft Deo:
  • Soft Cotton for added comfort
  • Body shaped for comfort and fit
  • Scented with Jasmine essence

TeenyFirst Ultra Dry:
  • Dry weave cover for quicker absorption and less re-wet
  • Body shaped for comfort and fit
  • Unscented

Comfitex Flushable Feminine Wipes:

Product:  COMFITEX Flushable Feminine Wipes 10’s
Price:  R9.99

COMFITEX Flushable Feminine Wipes are ideal for use:

  • During travel.
  • In warm weather.
  • Exercise/sport
  • During menstruation
  • For everyday freshness

COMFITEX Flushable Feminine Wipes are:

  • Flushable and Biodegradable
  • Ph. Balanced
  • Gynaecologically approved

COMFITEX Disposable Sanitary Bags 30’s

Product:  Comfitex Disposable Sanitary Bags
Price:  R9.99

Comfitex Disposable Sanitary Bags are scented plastic bags with handles for easy discreet disposal of sanitary towels.

Modern and aesthetically pleasing design makes it perfect for shelf display.

Comfitex Disposable Sanitary Bags also have other benefits:

·         Helps maintain the life of septic tanks by reducing waste build up.
·         Conceals contents
·         Allows for easy and discreet disposal

               Available at all leading retailers.
Manufactured for  Nsp Unsgaard (Pty) Ltd,
19 Moody Avenue, Epping 1, Cape Town.
(021) 531 6969    


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