Monday, November 25, 2013

Beauty & the Beach. As Summer story by Kiss

Summer is here, which means you need to get ready for the beach. So when you grab your swimsuit and sunscreen for the perfect summer escape, make sure to bring some of these products to keep you beautiful while you're there!

Happy Feet
When the weather is perfect  for a day by the ocean you need to be ready!
 There's nothing worse than packing for the beach and realizing that you're overdue for a pedicure. Who wants to be at the beach with expsed toes that are not up to par? No worries, Kiss Everlasting Toe Nails are the perfect quick fix for toes. Just peel off, apply to the nail and smooth; simply filr off excess and toes lool like you just left the salon. It truly only takes minutes to complete, and there's no drying. Plus they're beach proof which means they'll endure throughy your summer fun!

Lash Stash
False lashes are the perfect alternative to waterproof mascara. Kiss i-Envy are easy to apply and can be worn in water - plus you choose the amount of volume you want to add.

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