Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Products for Good Taste

Zeal has put all their knowledge and experience into spreading the joy of cooking – developing innovative products that bring speed ease and fun into your kitchen. The joy of a beautiful product begins with a touch, so the material quality and finish must be as considered and selective as the design and functionality. If Zeal wouldn’t buy it for their kitchen then it isn’t good enough for yours.

Zeal products are from CKS in Great Britain. CKS have been in the gourmet kitchen business for nearly 40 years and only sell to the professional kitchen retailers. They have been working in silicone since it started to become more main stream around 15 years ago which is why they have so much experience in this specialized area.

Zeal developed their own silicone material 7 years ago which is odourless. Silicone always had a chemical smell to it and most cheap silicones still do now. Zeal silicone is EEC approved which is a far higher standard for food contact than the FDA requirement for quality of silicone. In fact, FDA silicone quality would not pass an EEC food contact test. The real problem for silicone is when it comes into contact with hot oils and other hot substances. Inferior silicone will leach into food. Zeal silicone does not and it also stands up to high temperatures of food contact [up to 575 F/ 300 C]. All the stainless steel Zeal uses which comes into contact with food is 18/8 Stainless. Zeal’s attitude towards the quality of materials is why the products look so good and the silicone almost has a metallic sheen to it while cheap silicones are matt in appearance and often dull in colour.

Zeal products are also supported by a 10 year guarantee and are always produced to meet their own exacting standards.

All Zeal tools are 100% EEC approved. Made with pure silicone specifically developed for use with food they are ergonomically designed, constructed to last and are an indispensable essential for any busy kitchen. 

Love cooking, love Zeal.

Zeal products are available at Boardmans

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