Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why choose Zeal silicone Kitchen Utensils?

Silicone kitchen tools have taken the culinary world by storm. They are fun, easy to clean, colourful and will not damage non-stick cookware. However, not all silicone tools are made equal, many use inferior grade silicone, containing filling materials which both reduce the tools effectiveness and in some instances can be potentially harmful.

you can forget plain and boring kitchen tools, the vibrant colours and high quality finish all work together to produce a product that is funky and truly unique.

All Zeal tools are 100% EEC approved. Made with pure silicone specifically developed for use with food they are ergonomically designed, constructed to last and are an indispensable essential for any busy kitchen.

The Zeal range offers a complete collection of tools that will stand up to the most demanding of kitchens.

• 100% EEC Approved Silicone
• Heat resistant to 300°C
• Odourless, stain free
• Does not absorb flavours
• Dishwasher safe
• 10 year guarantee

All Zeal products are available at Boardmans


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