Thursday, September 6, 2012

An Evening Out

We love old school glamour and the scarf is a timeless classic way to get the look. It adds a bit of extra flair so that your hair looks ‘put together’, not ‘thrown together’, even on those pesky bad hair days. Marc Anthony shares an ‘Evening Out’ way to incorporate a scarf into your spring and summer mane. 

This elegant scarf technique will add some distinction to your evening up-do. The look definitely needs some curl.

  The Hair
  • After blowing drying hair out, spray Pro Finish Hairspray and use a large barrel curling iron to curl hair all over.
  • Once hair is all curled gently run your fingers through with a bit of Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Treatment to add shine and break up the curls a bit.
  • Bobby pin hair up loosely; start at the sides and work to the back leaving the front for last.
  • Play with the front to pull curls back further or leave them towards the front.
 The Scarf
  • Once hair is pinned up twist the scarf into a THIN ROPE.
  • Pin one end behind the ear (tucking it into the hair) and weave the other end in and out of your curly up-do.
  • Once finished pin the other end ensuring it is tucked in and hidden. With a few bobby pins look for loose pieces and secure them in.
  • Once you have the scarf firm you can go through with your fingers and tug slightly here and there to add some volume to the bits of scarf poking through.
 ‘That’s a wrap’ on an Evening Out.

Retail prices: Pro Finish - R99.99 and Oil of Morocco – R99.99
Products are available from: Dis-Chem stores nationwide

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