Monday, July 2, 2012

Is your family’s cold and flu remedy keeping pace this season?

Every year, we hear the frightening statistics of the ever-mutating colds and flu virus’s going around. With so many remedies being advertised, it becomes difficult to choose what works best for you and your family.

Penpharm is proud to bring you a combination of products with the latest effective formulas to help prevent colds and flu, or to be used as a remedy if you’re already experiencing symptoms. 

Linctomed Syrup, in a great tasting cherry flavour, is a safe and all-natural cough and cold preparation suitable for the entire family. Its main ingredient,  Pelargonium, is an antiviral, antibacterial and acts as an expectorant, which means you get the advantage of a triple-action effect. It also acts as a natural immune booster, which helps prevent re-infection and assists the body in combating germs. Linctomed Syrup also contains Echinacea, which strengthens the immune defence system.

Linctomed Syrup is so effective, it can be used not only for colds and flu, but also for bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsilitis, respiratory tract infections, tuberculosis as well as gastro-intestinal illnesses.It has even been used to treat children as young as six who have responded poorly to antibiotics.

On top of the above, Linctomed C has the added benefit of vitamin C, found in the active ingredient Rosehip, which also contains vitamin A, D and E as well as essential fatty acids. These act as an anti-inflammatory during colds, flu and hayfever.
Linctomed C comes in a 12-pack of effervesent tablets, with a truly pleasant tasting orange flavour, perfect for all members of the family, especially children.
So, if your rememedy isn’t keeping pace this season, perhaps it’s time to switch to Linctomed and Linctomed C.
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About Penpharm:

Penpharm is a family business, where both family and staff alike are actively involved in every day operations. We launched with the singular vision of helping families, like ours, get top quality products at prices they can afford.

Our starting point is always to either innovate a unique, one-of a kind product, or to find the best product in its category and look for ways to make it better, improve upon it and bring the new, improved formula to market, thus making sure that we stay ahead of all the ailments and conditions of modern life/living.

Our driving passion is to bring these improved offerings to South African families at a price that is reasonable and fair to everyone who needs them.

“We bring you better than the best at better prices”

Penpharm is not grey and faceless, but rather open, warm and welcoming.

“We are family, caring for families”.

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