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Live from the Grammys 2012

live from the grammys - Who Made the TOP 5 MANE Grade?
Reporting Live from the Red Carpet, Celebrity Hair Stylist Marc Anthony
Toronto – February 12, 2011 – We love the Grammys because you just never know what to expect; and that is what makes it so fun. From chic and sophisticated to the bizarre and inspired, tonight’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards had it all. Celebrity Hair Stylist, Marc Anthony walked the Red Carpet to give you a quick peek at his 5 favorite manes from the festivities.
What a quiet year for the awards show that we count on to entertain us on many levels. The look was mostly sophisticated and understated. Though we missed the madness of a bevy of crazy outfits and zany hair and makeup moments, it was beautiful.  Perhaps it was the passing of Whitney Houston that gave us a very subdued fashion mood this year, but whatever it was, it was lovely. One of our favorite looks this season is the trend toward younger talent embracing their youth and easing up on the ‘done’ vibe of the last few years.


Wow! We love her as a blonde. Everything about this is so elegant yet super sexy. She captures the fashion culture of the 70’s with this new look while keeping it current. Think ‘Farah’ hair for the new millennium or the modern ‘Tina Turner’. The loose curls and beach vibe works so well with the dress. To get the look try a texture boosting product like Strictly Curls –Curls Envy Perfect Curl Styling Cream – it will let you rock this look with little effort. 


Adele looked like a totally modern bombshell - Très Marilyn. We are so happy, not only to see her back but, to see that she is back to her glamour tricks. A perfect blowout and a perfect look. We love that she has grown the front out and cut a few inches off the ends. For this look, a bit of thickening product like Instantly Thick Hair Thickening Cream helps to keep the volume full and high.

Even Katy Perry looked all pretty and grown up. Her ability to take blue hair and make it, not only look modern but, avoid the grand-mamma trap is sheer fashion genius. This look had a sort of 50’s vibe but the super slick sides and bouffant top kept it fresh. Coupled with the dress she shone brilliantly.  An easy way to get a bit of extra volume is to give it a good spray with Instantly Thick Volumizing Hairspray, which is perfect for any hair color… including blue. 


This is such a simple but modern up-do. She seems to be shifting her image and is finally looking her age. The messy high bun is perfect for the formal dress and, by pushing her new fringe back, the look is all about the bun. She has never looked better.  A bit of mousse, like Instantly Thick Volumizing Foam, helps this look to keep its shape and a politely disheveled vibe. 


A modern, softly bouffant, faux pony. We love the pulled back, almost ponytail feeling this has. With a dress like this it is easy to appear contrived, but by keeping the hair soft and sexy with a modern sixties feeling the entire look is kept fresh.  For this look, a blowout with a product like Style Straight Instant Straightening Cream helps it to stay smooth. 

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