Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oscar Hair: Mila Kunis - 30s Screen Siren

Image Courtesy of Getty Images
We loved Mila Kunis’ Red Carpet hair at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. A few finger waves with a semi messy bun loosely pinned in the back to make it modern – it was a very current look at the 30s. This is a look that changes slightly each season so it continually evolves. Pulling hair back softly works for Mila as it shows off not only those fabulous eyes but her bone structure as well.
1. This look is suited for all hair types, though curly girls will have to blow hair out with a large round natural bristle brush first.
2. Once hair is blown out it is time to curl it with a medium sized curling iron. This is to help add movement which will be needed to form not only the bun but the waves along the sides.
3. Once curls are finished use a vent brush to relax the curls into waves.
4. Add a bit of a pomade-like product to the sides and ‘pinch’ them into waves.
5. We suggest using hair pins to hold waves in place so they can set slightly.
6. Loosely gather up hair at nape of your neck and begin pinning hair into a loose low bun. Most important is the shape you create, not where each curl sits.
7. Once you are happy with the shape and have secured it with bobby pins remove the clips, give it a quick spray with Pro Finish Ultimate Hold Hairspray and voila, modern 30s screen star.

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