Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Spot of bother?

As we are in the middle of the festive season, over-indulgence is bound to happen.

This can play havoc with our skin as exercising and eating properly goes out the window, be sure to keep those pesky spots at bay with these spot-busting products:

  • Skin PhD Breakout Control Gel R210.00
A potent oil-free dermatological preparation, formulated with a scientifically advanced complex of sebacic acid, 10-hydroxydecanoic acid and 1, 10-decanol to effectively fight the visible blemishes and superficial symptoms frequently associated with oily and problem skin types. The effectiveness of this product is enhanced by the inclusion of a specially developed oil-control technology, which helps normalise the skin's sebaceous secretion.

  • Optiphi Cleansing Gel R590.00
Facial Cleanser is a specially formulated, pH balanced cleanser offering your skin all the benefits of a hydroxy acid wash it removes impurities without disturbing the integrity of the skin barrier and provides light exfoliation.
Active Benefits Gently removes impurities from the skin. Maintains the barrier function of the skin. Provides Mild exfoliation. Decreases clogging of pores. Improves penetration of actives into the deeper layers of the skin. Physiological pH- eliminates the need for a skin toner. Respects the skin’s physiological pH

  • Optiphi Clarity Serum R435.00
Ideal for a clear healthy complexion. Providing skin regulation, sebum balance and calming irritated skin. Best used as a treatment for affected zones to soothe blemishes and acne prone skin conditions.
*      Minimizes redness and limits skin irritation
*      Sebum Regulation and antimicrobial
*      Promotes blemish free skin
*      Potent Anti-Oxidant Effect - Captures free radicals and inhibits their skin-damaging effects
*      Improves Skin Imperfections - assits in skin healing
*      Normalizes Skin Barrier Function - Improves epidermal barrier

  • Euphrates Anti-Blemish Night Cream R230.00
The Anti-Blemish Night Cream is suitable for all skin types. It is effective not only as a skin hydrator, but also as a protector.

The Anti-Blemish Night Cream contains Adansonia Digitata. Adansonia Digitata is a Baobab fruit with six times the Vitamin C than an orange and 50 percent more calcium than spinach.

The Baobab seed oil has some of the following benefits:

*      It is a rich source of antioxidants and helps alleviate chronic dry skin and chronic bruising by improving skin elasticity and boosting epidermal softening.

*      Baobab fruit oil combats skin aging. It helps improve skin firmness and strength by boosting the elastic quality of the skin.

It diminishes the look of facial lines, evens out skin tone, refreshes and hydrates the skin.

  • DermaFix Clari-fine Clay Masque R390.00
The DermaFix Clari-Fine Clay Masque is a neck and facial masque that has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties to give your skin a deep cleanse to remove impurities. The Clair-Fine Clay Masque is an enriched healing clay gel masque for deep cleansing of impurities and oil control. It is also an easy removal masque, so you don’t need to worry about getting it off. All you need to do is sit back and feel your skin get back to normal health.
Key ingredients: Kaolin, Bentonite, Tea Tree and Roman Chamomile

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Euphrates Cosmetics Reveals Euphrates Besties

Euphrates Cosmetics Reveals Euphrates Besties Summer Campaign - pushing users to be beauty besties and share with friends #Euphratesbesties

South Africa, GP. November 2015 – South African cosmetics manufacturer Euphrates Cosmetics is proud to unveil Euphrates Besties, a user-generated content-driven campaign created to celebrate the brand’s natural skin care collection, featuring two South African inspirational popular faces. As a local Cosmetics Manufacturer, that also exports our products around the continent, it is important that when the brand decided to have brand ambassadors to represent some of our products, that we chose individuals who have used the products and who are from South Africa.

Aurelia Nxumalo and Jo-anne Reyneke were the most fitting candidates. There is something about these ladies that makes people want to engage with them. That was the secret ingredient we needed for this partnership to be a success.  The Euphrates South Africa family looks forward to a beautiful relationship with them.

We strongly believe in giving women a pen to write their success story and use the social media space to positively engage with our target market.  We are convinced that with our new Euphrates besties / brand ambassadors (Aurelia Nxumalo and Jo-anne Reyneke) we will be able to beautifully impact more South African women.

Find more information on www.euphrates.co.za
Social Media: @euphrates_sa | @aurelianxumalo | @joannereyneke